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How are Gemstone Slabs Made

How are semiprecious gemstone slabs made?

  1. To understand how are gemstone slabs made, we have to first know what is required to create a semiprecious gemstone slab?
  2. Off course you will need gemstones like amethyst, tiger-eye or semiprecious stones like agate, quartz
  3. You will need a special cutting machine to cut & slice the stones to uniform sizes.
  4. You will also need some adhesive chemical substance (like resin, epoxy) to hold the gemstones together
  5. Finally you need a set of polishing abrasive & polishing machine to finish the job
  6. 1)                    Selecting the right gemstones:
  7. Not all semiprecious stones are same. Some are harder than other, some have more color, some are more transparent and some are more costly. You have to decide what you want yo make and choose the gemstone accordingly. For example, if you are doing a large wall cladding you should be looking at a gemstone which is transparent and cheaper than other stones, like Quartz, Yellow Agate, Blue Lace Agate, Blue Agate, Amethyst etc.

2)                    Cutting & Slicing the gemstones:

In this process we cut and polish gems into small slices. Then we makes and slabs of it using epoxy. Since the gems are translucent we can have unique backlit interiors. This is a fascinating new concept, which is catching the fancy of designers. Translucent gemstones are cut and polished and made into slabs using epoxy. These when backlit, create wonderful interiors.

More than 30 Different Gems and Semi precious stones can be used to make epoxy tiles and Slabs. We use Italian made epoxy, rasins and harders. They do not change color and we offer life long guarantee for the slabs. The slabs can be made as per your thickness and dimentions.
You can put them into various uses like tabletops, wall cladding, floors, dividers, partitions, stairs, railings, furniture… The choices are great.

Now epoxy is such a versatile material that not only stones but anything for that matter can be set in it, almost all kinds of solids including plants and insects also. For example here are some epoxy tiles using leaves and plants,  we have made. The plants are coated with a presevative and once set in epoxy its color and freshness remains same. Click on the photos to enlarge them.

This is how they are made:

First Rough Stones are sourced from different locations around the world. For example, this is the rough lot of blue laced agate which we get from mines in Africa. They are buffed and cleaned.
Next the Lumps of Blue lace agate are made into small pieces so that they can be sliced and polished.
Next it is thin sliced. This is one cut this slice of agate. This is how first thin slices are made of different stones. Later they will be polished.
Now these cut and polished slices are put on a flat surface of the dye and then set in epoxy.
Very large slabs of several meters can be made using the same process.
Here is another example. Rose quartz is procured from the mines. Buffed into small pieces. Then cut and polished in slices and set in epoxy.

We use genuine precious stones with epoxy.