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The mineral that is Harder than Iron:

Hematite is a mineral of Iron Oxide form that is found in Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic rock types in standing water or hot springs. The mineral is formed by precipitating out of water and collecting into banded formations of Iron. Hematite is harder than the pure form of Iron and it can also form under the volcanic activity where the water is not available. 

Hematite Table Top

We are  manufacturer, supplier and exporters of Hematite Table Tops in India & USA.

Hematite Table Top

Hematite Table Top

Hematite Table Top

Hematite Home Decor 

We are  manufacturer, supplier and exporters of Hematite home decor in India & USA.

Hematite Coffee Table 

Hematite Stone Chunk Lamp

Hematite Statue


1.  Where is Hematite found?

-Good form of Hematite is obtained from Minas Gerais, Brumado and Bahia in Brazil. Other sources of Hematite include regions of Cumbria in England, Elba island of Italy, Switzerland, South Africa, Utah and Arizona regions of United States.

2.  What is the Zodiac sign and Anniversary year for Hematite?

-Zodiac sign related to Hematite is Aries and Aquarius. It is used to grace at 12th Anniversary.

3.  What are the healing properties of Hematite?

-Healing properties of Hematite stone products include regulating and cleansing the blood supply, enhancing the formation of Red blood cells in the body and relief from pains such as Leg Cramps, fractures and alignments in spine.