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We are India's award winning SME and one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of agate tables, gemstone tables, semi-precious stone tables, marble tables, bone inlay furniture & terrazzo tables.

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Side Tables

Semi-precious gemstone bedside tables

Semi-precious gemstone side / bedside tables is one of our most prolific product. They are made form large agate slices, quartz slices, agate stone, and various other gemstones like amethyst, lapis, tigereye, malachite.

Agate Nested Side Table
Agate Side Table
Round Agate Side Table
Crystal Agate Bedside Table
Brown Agate Corner Table
Black Agate Side Table

    • Natural Agate Side Table
    • Brown Agate Side Table
    • Grey Agate Side Table
    • Black Agate Side Table
    • White Agate Side Table
    • Blue Agate Side Table

              • Classic Quartz Side Table
              • White Quartz Side Table
              • Yellow Quartz Side Table
              • Grey Quartz Side Table
              • Smoky Quartz Side Table
              • Pink Quartz Side Table

              • Tiger Eye Stone Side Table
              • Golden Tiger Eye Side Table
              • Red Tiger Eye Side Table
              • Blue Tiger Eye Side Table
              • Red Jasper Side Table
              • Green Aventurine Side Table

              • Sodalite Side Table
              • Labradorite Side Table
              • Amethyst Side Table
              • Petrified Wood Side Table
              • Lapis Lazuli Side Table
              • Malachite Side Table

              • Mother of Pearl Side Table
              • White MOP Side Table
              • Black MOP Side Table
              • Golden MOP Side Table
              • Abalone MOP Side Table
              • Pavashell MOP Side Table

              Coffee Tables

              Semi-precious gemstone coffee tables

              Our range of semi-precious gemstone coffee tables, made form agate, blue agate, red agate, labradorite, tiger eye, malachite, lapis and more such exotic gemstones form across the globe. Your coffee will taste even better. 

              Petrified Wood Coffee Table
              Agate Coffee Table
              Pink Quartz Coffee Table

              we are manufacture, supplier & exporter of all types of gemstone & semi-precious stone coffee tables in india

                • Natural Agate Coffee Table
                • Brown Agate Coffee Table
                • Grey Agate Coffee Table
                • Black Agate Coffee Table
                • White Agate Coffee Table
                • Blue Agate Coffee Table

                          • Classic Quartz Coffee Table
                          • White Quartz Coffee Table
                          • Yellow Quartz Coffee Table
                          • Grey Quartz Coffee Table
                          • Smoky Quartz Coffee Table
                          • Pink Quartz Coffee Table

                          • Tiger Eye Stone Coffee Table
                          • Golden Tiger Eye Coffee Table
                          • Red Tiger Eye Coffee Table
                          • Blue Tiger Eye Coffee Table
                          • Red Jasper Coffee Table
                          • Green Aventurine Coffee Table

                          • Sodalite Coffee Table
                          • Labradorite Coffee Table
                          • Amethyst Coffee Table
                          • Petrified Wood Coffee Table
                          • Lapis Lazuli Coffee Table
                          • Malachite Coffee Table

                          • Mother of Pearl Coffee Table
                          • White MOP Coffee Table
                          • Black MOP Coffee Table
                          • Golden MOP Coffee Table
                          • Abalone MOP Coffee Table
                          • Pavashell MOP Coffee Table

                          Semi-precious gemstone table tops

                          Semi-precious gemstone table tops are our most successful range of product. Table tops can be used with variety of stands to make them look really unique. We can make custom designs with various shapes & sizes

                          Green Aventurine Table Top
                          Red Agate Table Top
                          Blue Agate Table Top

                          We are manufacture, supplier & exporter of all types of gemstone & semi-precious stone table tops in India

                            • Natural Agate Table Top
                            • Brown Agate Table Top
                            • Grey Agate Table Top
                            • Black Agate Table Top
                            • White Agate Table Top
                            • Blue Agate Table Top

                                      • Classic Quartz Table Top
                                      • White Quartz Table Top
                                      • Yellow Quartz Table Top
                                      • Grey Quartz Table Top
                                      • Smoky Quartz Table Top
                                      • Pink Quartz Table Top

                                      • Tiger Eye Stone Table Top
                                      • Golden Tiger Eye Table Top
                                      • Red Tiger Eye Table Top
                                      • Blue Tiger Eye Table Top
                                      • Red Jasper Table Top
                                      • Green Aventurine Table Top

                                      • Sodalite Table Top
                                      • Labradorite Table Top
                                      • Amethyst Table Top
                                      • Petrified Wood Table Top
                                      • Lapis Lazuli Table Top
                                      • Malachite Table Top

                                      • Mother of Pearl Table Top
                                      • White MOP Table Top
                                      • Black MOP Table Top
                                      • Golden MOP Table Top
                                      • Abalone MOP Table Top
                                      • Pavashell MOP Table Top

                                      Drawers & Mirrors

                                      Bone Inlay, Mother of Pearl Inlay & Gemstone inlay drawers

                                      Our Bone Inlay drawer  & Mother of Pearl chest of drawers are your best companion when it comes to being organised in style. When placed in your bedroom or living room they draw immediate attention & look stunning

                                      Pink Bone Inlay Chest of Drawer
                                      mother of pearl inlay drawer
                                      MOP Inlay Chest of Drawer
                                      mother of pearl inlay drawer

                                      Mother of Pearl Inlay Floral Chest of Drawer

                                      • Mother of Pearl Inlay Chest of Drawers
                                      • White MOP Inlay Chest of Drawers
                                      • Black MOP Inlay Chest of Drawers
                                      • Golden MOP Inlay Chest of Drawers
                                      • Abalone MOP Inlay Chest of Drawers
                                      • Pavashell MOP Inlay Chest of Drawers
                                      • Camel Bone Inlay Chest of Drawers
                                      • Gemstone Inlay Chest of Drawers 

                                      • Mother of Pearl Inlay Bedside Drawer
                                      • White MOP Inlay Bedside Drawer
                                      • Black MOP Inlay Bedside Drawer
                                      • Golden MOP Inlay Bedside Drawer
                                      • Abalone MOP Inlay Bedside Drawer
                                      • Pavashell MOP Inlay Bedside Drawer
                                      • Camel Bone Inlay bedside Drawers
                                      • Gemstone Inlay Bedside Drawers

                                      • Mother of Pearl Inlay Vanity Mirror
                                      • White MOP Inlay Vanity Mirror
                                      • Black MOP Inlay Vanity Mirror
                                      • Golden MOP Inlay Vanity Mirror
                                      • Abalone MOP Inlay Vanity Mirror
                                      • Pavashell MOP Inlay Vanity Mirror
                                      • Camel Bone Inlay Vanity Mirrors
                                      • Gemstone Inlay Vanity Mirrors

                                      Bone Inlay, Mother of Pearl inlay Bedside Drawers

                                      Our handmade bedside drawers are going to make your living room or bedroom look luxurious.

                                      Pink Bone Inlay Mirror
                                      Blue Bone Mirror
                                      Mother of Pearl Inlay Mirror
                                      Gifts and Accessories

                                      Semi-precious gemstone gifts

                                      Semi-precious gemstone gifts variety is enormous. We have amethyst box, agate coasters, agate bookend, agate clock, agate wine bottle stopper and many more gift items for all you amazing people

                                      Lapis Box
                                      Agate Coasters
                                      Agate Bookends
                                      Agate Watch
                                      Agate Wine Bottle Stoppers

                                      Gemstone Home Accessories

                                      Semi-precious gemstone accessories are hard to find, but for those who cherish exclusivity it is always a priced possession. We make agate tray, agate vanity set, agate cheese platter and a lot more home accessories.

                                      Agate Bathroom Vanity Set
                                      Agate Tray
                                      Agate Cheese Platter
                                      Slabs and Tiles

                                      Semi-precious gemstone slabs

                                      Semi-precious gemstone slabs are used to make wall panels, table tops, countertops, kitchen tops, bar counter tops, reception desks & surfaces. They look stunning & add luxury to your interior. below are some samples

                                      Gemstone Slabs
                                      Semi-Precious Stone Slabs
                                      Agate Slabs

                                      we are manufacture, supplier & exporter of all types of gemstone & semi-precious stone slabs in india

                                      • Natural Agate Slabs
                                      • Brown Agate Slabs
                                      • Grey Agate Slabs
                                      • Black Agate Slabs
                                      • White Agate Slabs
                                      • Blue Agate Slabs

                                      • Classic Quartz Slabs
                                      • White Quartz Slabs
                                      • Yellow Quartz Slabs
                                      • Grey Quartz Slabs
                                      • Smoky Quartz Slabs
                                      • Pink Quartz Slabs

                                      • Tiger Eye Stone Slabs
                                      • Golden Tiger Eye Slabs
                                      • Red Tiger Eye Slabs
                                      • Blue Tiger Eye Slabs
                                      • Red Jasper Slabs
                                      • Green Aventurine Slabs

                                      • Sodalite Slabs
                                      • Labradorite Slabs
                                      • Amethyst Slabs
                                      • Petrified Wood Slabs
                                      • Lapis Lazuli Slabs
                                      • Malachite Slabs

                                      • Mother of Pearl Slabs
                                      • White MOP Slabs
                                      • Black MOP Slabs
                                      • Golden MOP Slabs
                                      • Abalone MOP Slabs
                                      • Pavashell MOP Slabs

                                      Semi-precious gemstone tiles

                                      Semi-precious gemstone tiles are used in variety of applications ranging from wall panel in home & hotels decoration & bathroom wall cladding to creating that stunning highlight wall below are some samples

                                      Gemstone Tiles
                                      Agate Tiles
                                      Mother of Pearl Tiles

                                      we are manufacture, supplier & exporter of all types of gemstone & semi-precious stone tiles in india

                                      • Natural Agate Tiles
                                      • Brown Agate Tiles
                                      • Grey Agate Tiles
                                      • Black Agate Tiles
                                      • White Agate Tiles
                                      • Blue Agate Tiles

                                      • Classic Quartz Tiles
                                      • White Quartz Tiles
                                      • Yellow Quartz Tiles
                                      • Grey Quartz Tiles
                                      • Smoky Quartz Tiles
                                      • Pink Quartz Tiles

                                      • Tiger Eye Stone Tiles
                                      • Golden Tiger Eye Tiles
                                      • Red Tiger Eye Tiles
                                      • Blue Tiger Eye Tiles
                                      • Red Jasper Tiles
                                      • Green Aventurine Tiles

                                      • Sodalite Tiles
                                      • Labradorite Tiles
                                      • Amethyst Tiles
                                      • Petrified Wood Tiles
                                      • Lapis Lazuli Tiles
                                      • Malachite Tiles

                                      • Mother of Pearl Tiles
                                      • White MOP Tiles
                                      • Black MOP Tiles
                                      • Golden MOP Tiles
                                      • Abalone MOP Tiles
                                      • Pavashell MOP Tiles

                                      Agate Restaurant Interior
                                      Agate Bar Counter
                                      Agate Hotel Lobby Interior
                                      Agate Kitchen Top Interior
                                      Agate Bedroom Interior
                                      Agate Living Room Interior