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Agate is one of the oldest healing stone. It is characterized by its fineness of grain and variety of color.We are  amongst the prominent manufacturer, supplier and exporters in India of premium range of Agate.

Types of Agate

White agate is a stone of balance and release.

White Agate

Blue agate stone is known as a talisman with great healing energies.

Blue Agate

Black Agate, like all black stones, is a grounding and protective crystal.

Black Agate

Grey Banded Agate is a stone that offers strength, protection, and solid grounding ability.

Grey Agate

Polished, it is covered in whitish bands and has a large orange-brown stain reminiscent of fire.

Brown Agate

Agate Table Tops 

We are  manufacturer, supplier and exporters of Agate Table Tops in India & USA.

White Agate Table Top

Brown Agate Table Top

Grey Agate Table Top

Black Agate Table Top

Blue Agate Table Top 

Agate Counter Top

We are leading  manufacturer, supplier and exporters of Agate Counter Tops in India & USA.

Grey Agate Counter Top

Blue Agate Counter Tops 

Brown Agate Counter Tops 

Agate Slabs 

We are manufacturer, supplier and exporters of Agate slabs.

Red Agate Slab

Black Agate Slab

Blue Agate Slab

Agate Furniture

We Leading are manufacturer, supplier and exporters of Agate Furniture.

Agate Table 

Agate Cabinet

Agate Bar Cart


1.  In what colours does Agate come in?

-Agate is available in the following colours, white, black, grey, brown, wild, golden, blue and crystal.

2.  What are the healing properties of Agate?

-It holds excellent healing properties for eyes and uterus, aids in cleaning the pancreas and nourishing blood vessels.

3.  What are the different types of Agate?

-This fascinating stone is available in different types like Blue Lace Agate, Crazy lace Agate, Dendritic Agate, Fire Agate, Laguna Agate and Moss Agate.

4.  Benefits of using Agate in household décor?

-Using Agate helps in harmonizing the positive and negative energies prevailing in the house, spreading an organic ambiance of refreshing nature, upbringing courage and self-confidence and is said to provide balance and enhance longevity.